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Gaye Lisby and Garry Ray’s
Tired of scanning in-store or shopping online for profitable inventory only to bump up against Amazon’s annoying asin level, brand, or category restrictions?
We will deliver at least 10 ASINs to your inbox every week day for you to request approval!
Every seller account has product restrictions. For example, I can sell L.O.L. Dolls, but my Tribe partner Garry Ray can’t.

No matter how long you’ve been selling, you’ll see some asin restrictions on your account, but don’t worry. ...
We’ve developed a super inexpensive way to help you expand your selling privileges with Asin Advantage.
Asin Advantage helps you address the pain points of finding too many products gated or restricted at the asin level. 

When some sellers scan in-store or source online and see “listing limitations apply” come up in their seller account, they just put their tail between their legs and run away. ..
Nope, not you. Not anymore!
Did you know the more asins you drop into your “add a product” line to seek auto-ungating for, the more brands and asins Amazon bots will auto approve you for without having to provide pesky distributor or manufacturer invoices? 

10X your inventory options by using freshly generated asins to “season” your new and growing seller account .

Save yourself the time and sweat of doing research by getting these fresh asins dropped into your email inbox every weekday
Asins are tested on new, unseasoned accounts to assure you have the highest chance at the most auto-approvals possible !


  • 10-12 fresh asins every weekday conveniently in your email inbox
  • And, a step-by-step guide on how to season your account with new asins for potential ungating. 
Cancel anytime, no harm no foul .

We scrape Amazon and do the research, so you don’t have to .

PRO TIP: The key to scaling fast as an Amazon seller is to out-source as many “nickel” tasks as soon as possible. Assign a spouse, middle schooler, teenager, grandma or your online arbitrage buyer to doing the easy Asin Advantage steps each weekday or at least once each week. You’ll find your selling privileges greatly expanded. FAST.

ACCIDENTAL BONUS: Here’s a secret. Some of the asins we provide may end up being the product that changes your life. Did you know when I got ungated in Elta MD, I ended up almost immediately finding a supplier who provided several hundred units of this quality sunscreen for $5 per unit???!! At the time, it was selling for $21-$24.99. I made BANK on that asin.
Asin Advantage opens up doors of opportunity you formerly thought were closed to you.!
Stop Letting ASIN Restrictions Slow You Down
"Over the years, I have made it a priority of mine to get approved for as many categories, products and brands as possible on Amazon and it has had a MASSIVE payoff. BUT, I know there are many days where I simply failed to request approval on any new ASINs. No longer. ASIN Advantage is the easy way to get approved for new ASINs on a daily basis!!"
- Gaye Lisby - Amazon Seller Tribe Leader
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