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Hey there, Andy Slamans here.

I am so excited to share with you our story of how we moved from desperation to financial and personal freedom in a few short years. A decade later, we are still growing and thriving in all aspects of our lives.

I spent decades pursuing "the expected" life path. Graduate from college, find a job, then give my best to an employer. Just as our kids hit elementary age, after my wife and I had given a decade to what we thought were our forever careers, our world was shaken. Our employer took away our Deferred Lifelong Health Plan valued at 2 million dollars and started enacting policies that were counter to our values. We felt trapped.
But then providence intervened.  

My next-door neighbor shared a new message with us that changed our lives.

This new outlook was SELF-SUFFICIENCY can be achieved by starting an e-commerce business.  A business model that can be started with as little as $100.  With no other options, I embraced this business model.
My gross profit in my first month of e-commerce selling was $500. It doesn't sound like much now but back then, it felt like a million bucks! I had earned this through hard work, being my own boss, setting my own expectations, and pushing through unexpected challenges. I felt like a champion!
The above picture is my beautiful wife Deanna and I on one of the many vacations our lifestyle now allows us to enjoy!
"Our entrepreneurial journey has opened up so many exciting opportunities for us!"
10 years later, we own and operate a 14 MILLION dollar e-commerce business out of a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse. This journey has seen our business grow, change and shift multiple times. I am grateful for the wisdom and support of the Amazing Freedom Community during these times.

By the way, see the above picture? I bought this home for my family with CASH from the sale of one of our brands. I'm not bragging. I just want you to see what is possible. If I can do it, a simple man from the mid-west, SO CAN YOU! The American Dream Is Still A Reality!
Just a glimpse of our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse. 
And to think this all started by selling a few items online that I purchased from my local outlet store!

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Whether You . . .

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Our AFU Training
2024 Action Plan

Is The Roadmap You Have Been Looking For!

13 Tactical Courses
That Result in Profits!

  • Introduction to E-Commerce: Explore the fundamental concepts and principles of e-commerce, learning the basics of conducting business online.
  • ​E-Commerce Account Training: Receive hands-on training to set up and optimize your e-commerce account, ensuring you're equipped with the essential skills for online success.
  • ​Success in Shopping: Unlock the secrets to successful online shopping experiences, discovering tips and strategies to make informed and satisfying purchase decisions.
  • ​Retail Arbitrage Mastery: Delve into the world of retail arbitrage, mastering the art of sourcing and reselling retail products for profit in the e-commerce marketplace.
  • ​​Online Arbitrage Mastery: A comprehensive program designed to elevate your skills in the dynamic field of online arbitrage.
  • ​A Guided Tour Through Inventory Lab: Take a comprehensive tour of Inventory Lab, gaining insights into its features and functionalities to optimize inventory management in your e-commerce business.
  • ​​Prepping & Shipping Efficiencies: Streamline your e-commerce operations by mastering efficient product prep and shipping techniques for smooth and cost-effective process.
  • ​Comprehensive Guide to Amazon's FBM Model: Gain a thorough understanding of Amazon's Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) model, learning how to effectively manage inventory, shipping, and customer service.
  • ​​Account Health & Know Your Numbers: Dive into the vital aspects of maintaining a healthy e-commerce account, while gaining insights into key metrics to make informed business decisions.
  • Understanding Amazon Repricers & Pricing Strategies: Explore the intricacies of Amazon repricers and pricing strategies, discovering how to strategically set and adjust prices for optimal sales and profitability.
  • Winning the Amazon Game & Multipliers in Business: Uncover winning strategies for thriving in the competitive Amazon marketplace, exploring multipliers that can propel your e-commerce business to success.
  • ​​Developing Strategic Business Relationships: Learn how to develop strategic business relationships through effective negotiation and focusing on long-term partnership building. This collaborative approach fosters mutually beneficial supplier relationships.
  • ​​Mastering the Art of Listings: Hone your skills in creating compelling and effective product listings, mastering the art of presentation to attract customers and drive sales.
  • ​PLUS MANY BONUSES!  See below for details!

At Amazing Freedom University

Our Leaders Own and Manage 
Multi-Million Dollar E-Commerce Businesses!

Join Our Community of Like-Minded
Courageous People Committed to Your Success!

You're not just investing in a coaching program, you are investing in your future.
Our AFU Community genuinely cares about your success.
Just like you, we value Faith, Family and Freedom.

Our mission at Amazing Freedom University is to help courageous people, like yourself, navigate our new parallel economy!

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to build a business that not only provides financial success but also the time and freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

By surrounding yourself with people who share your goals and drive, you'll be more motivated, more focused, and more likely to achieve the success you deserve and desire!

Amazing Freedom University Gives You

Real-World Tested, Proven Paths to
FINANCIAL FREEDOM, Tailored to Your Needs!


"No matter where you are in your e-commerce journey, AFU has exactly what you need to move the needle in your business. There is training for sellers of all levels, from brand-new sellers to experienced veterans. This makes for the absolute best networking opportunities! Whether you want a profitable part-time business, or the freedom to scale your business to the highest level, AFU provides the tools you need to reach your goals. The trainings and live coaching sessions are among the best I have experienced in 20+ years of e-commerce." - Greg


At Amazing Freedom University, the coaches stand out with their real-world Amazon selling experience. They provide coaching content tailored for seasoned pros and beginners alike. Their approachability is a plus, and the community ensures no one’s experience is belittled. It’s invaluable to be part of such a comprehensive and supportive program. - Sheila & Barry


After my wife and I were healed from a decade of health issues, we found ourselves deep in medical debt and kids starting college. We now needed the courage to FIGHT FOR SOMETHING, instead of AGAINST something. The answer was e-commerce. This allowed me to work full-time as an accountant while owning a business. In August 2021, before we ever sold our first product, we joined Amazing Freedom University. This created a shortcut to our e-commerce success. By October 2023 we were selling over $300,000 a year in gross, profitable sales. - Kyle

  BUT WAIT! There's Much More . . .


Branded Bundle Secrets Course

Ready to unleash the secrets that could change everything for you?

Adam & Nate have put the latest  game changer in Amazon selling into a brand new course that will teach you from A to Z how to create your own Branded Bundles!



Etsy & Print-on-Demand (POD)

This includes 5 videos ranging from "Introduction to Etsy & POD Resource" to "How to Design Products".  This is taught by an Etsy expert who owns and manages multiple Etsy stores with over $100K in sales!


A Virtual Tour with Pro-Tips
and Insider Advice

From A Million Dollar Warehouse Prep Center

Join Carol and Griffy Kesler, a mother and son team, as they show their 35,000 sq. ft. warehouse from which they SOLD OVER $12,000,000 of various products in 2023. 

The Kesler's are E-commerce superstars, having been listed on Inc 5000 list in 2022 and 2023!

This one walk-through alone, out of 100+ videos you get in the Freedom Seeker Fast Action Course, will be a SHORTCUT TO YOUR SUCCESS as Carol & Griffy generously give valuable advice & pro tips you won't get anywhere else!

The Kesler's Humble Beginnings

Carol and Griffy Kesler started as small, online sellers in 2011 working from their dining room table. Carol's oldest son was in college, so they started with selling textbooks, moving into book sales, and eventually expanding into collectible toys. During these early years they sourced books from garage sales, then thrift stores, and then after a few more years started selling new books.  Now they sell a little of everything!  

THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE.  One Step At A Time!


The Future of Shopping: AI in E-Commerce

Join Keith Crowe, A Leading Expert In How AI Is Impacting E-Commerce

The training highlights AI's current role in e-commerce and the rapid development that is impacting and forever changing how we buy and sell online. Special emphasis was placed on ChatGPT mastery.


There are MANY different methods and ways to operate and
manage your own e-commerce business.  Learning the secrets
of using a 3PL may be your answer to success!

Using A 3PL

Find Out Why This Is A Game Changer
For E-Commerce Business!


With The 2024 Action Plan!

  • INTRODUCTION TO E-COMMERCE: Why It Works - 2 Videos ($300 Value)
  • ​E-COMMMERCE ACCOUNT TRAINING - 10 Videos ($2,499 Value)
  • ​SUCCESS IN SHOPPING - SECRETS TO UNGATING - 5 Videos ($1,299 Value)
  • ​RETAIL ARBITRAGE MASTERY - 30 Videos ($4,600 Value)
  • ​ONLINE ARBITRAGE MASTERY - 18 Videos ($4,500 Value)
  • ​A GUIDED TOUR THROUGH INVENTORY LAB - 6 Videos ($1,899 Value)
  • ​​PREP AND SHIPPING EFFICIENCIES - 9 Videos ($3,489 Value)
  • ​​MASTERING THE ART OF AMAZON LISTINGS - 10 Videos ($2,300 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #1: Branded Bundle Secrets ($1,200 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2: Expanding Horizons: Etsy and Print-on-Demand ($1,200 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Virtual Tour Into A Mult-Million Dollar Warehouse Prep Center ($599 Value)
  • Bonus #4: The Future of Shopping: AI in E-Commerce with Industry Expert ($799 Value)
  • ​​Bonus #5: Using A 3PL ($499 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $36,030


Your Savings Today: $34,033

"One thing that will always matter, regardless of what business or industry you're in, is who you're connected to. Our access to networks and the value of our weak ties are some of the greatest predictors of our future success. Yet time and time again people will invest in courses or materials, but not in connection with other people."  - Entrepreneur.com
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including your dedication, business acumen, work ethic, and market conditions.

We at Amazing Freedom University provide educational materials, training, and support to help our students learn the skills and strategies
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