The Most Powerful Way To Rank Products On Amazon.
An Amazing Freedom Service
The Most Powerful Way To Rank Products On Amazon.
AMAZON SELLERS: The Strategy That Top Amazon Sellers Are Using To Rank Fast!
How to rank your private label products to the top of search FAST with our proven ranking methods...
The Most Powerful Way To Rank A Product On Amazon.
The most powerful way to rank products on Amazon is also the most natural way; when customers search your main keyword, find your product, and buy. Sales play a major role in the Amazon A9 ranking algorithm. To rank well in search, you need to demonstrate to Amazon that your product sells well. But generating sales for a new private label product can be difficult, and spending tons of money on PPC might not always have the effect that you are looking for. So what can you do?
Introducing The Magic Ranking Service
We have tens of thousands of qualified buyers looking for new private label products! With the Magic Ranking Service, we are giving you access to our buyers so that you can start to generate those sales that are so important for ranking. We help facilitate full-price buys which send strong ranking signals to Amazon and our buyers use "Search, Find, Buy" purchases so the process is organic and powerful.
A Tailored Approach
The Magic Ranking Service is a tailored approach because each private label product, niche & strategy must be considered separately. We consider factors like:
  • Competition: The sales velocity of your competition will determine how easy or difficult it may be to rank.
  •  Sales history: New products are easier to rank than products with existing sales history.
  •  Strategy: How aggressive you want to be in ranking will determine your individual plan.
What Is The Cost?
The cost of the service is $15 per full-price purchase in addition to the sales price of your product.* (20 Buys Minimum).
Apply To Get Started
* Supplements have a $20/purchase service fee. All other products are a $15/purchase service fee.